Melodic Force started his DJ career in beach clubs in Turkey, 1995. His production career started in his home based studio in 1999 under the name of BTY Productions. Although Baybars Tolgahan Yilmaz aka Melodic Force ( alias Force of Melody & DJ Delly ) is known as trance music producer, his goal is to become the most popular Trance DJ.

As a pioneering Turkish producer and having many encouraging fans and listeners in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. M.F. decided to promote trance music in Turkey. M.F.'s first aim's indicating the Turkish producers well productions.

Beginning with pop music-the common type of music of that time, M.F. combined the most sought after electronic music genres of now such as trance, techno, house, progressive house, tribal techno, deep trance, hard trance, rap and r&b styles under his works, decorating them with original effects and vocal samples. Since the beginning of 90s electronic music is getting to be known more in Turkey because of new clubs and special events with international artists.

M.F. is determined to introduce trance music more in his own country as well as in other venues around the world.



DJ Tiesto, Mauro Picotto, Signum, Cosmic Gate, Mark Norman, Marco V, Johan Gielen, Ron van den Beuken, Above & Beyond, Kamaya Painters, Katana, Rank 1, Airwave, Airbase...


Trance, Uplifting Trance
Progressive Trance, Hard Trance

Club, Radio & Festival's

Trance Mission, Local Underground, Therapy Session, Trance Nights, Trance Extra, Day After, Radio Gain, Radio S, Lagerhaus-Mannheim, Collo-Samsun, Flamingo BC-Enez, Club G, Trompet

Studio & Equipments

2x Numark TT1650 ( PDD )
1x Sony PS-T22 ( ADD )
1x Behringer DJX400
1x Sony MDR-V700
1x Behringer HPX2000
2x Yamaha MSP5
2x Beko HP5480 + Amp.
M-Audio Radium Midiman
M-Audio Fasttrack
Casiotone CT-360,
PIV 2.0Ghz 1Gb Ram 120 Gb Hd - WPC
Audigy 2 Sound Card ( Asio, VST Plug-in )
Reason, Protools, eJay, Cubase, ReCycle,
FL Producer Edition Studio, Sound Forge,
MP3Producer, MixVibes, JetAudio, Traktor, BPM Studio, Wave Labs...

Utilize Equipments

Technics, Numark, Stanton Turntable
Denon, Tascam, Gemini CD Player
Citronic, Behringer, Pioneer Mixer
Sony, Stanton Headphone

Top Trax

Allure - The Loves We Lost
Pascal Feliz - Ignition
First State - First State
Beam - Amun ( Cosmic Gate Remix )
Haak pres. Annuaki - Frenzy
Sundawner - Krystal Dreams
Gate 42 - Flow
Delerium - Innocente ( DJ Tiesto Remix )
GTR - Mistral
Mauro Picotto- Baguette
Scott Bond vs Solar Stone - 3th Earth
Vascotia - Calibro
RAH - Pole Position ( Airbase Remix )